What is the difference between the 3 weights of flokati rugs? We get this question all the time. 

As the weight goes up (from 2000 gram to 3000 gram..4000 gram)  3 things happen:

1- The pile length increases. 

2- Most importantly- the DENSITY (fluffy factor) increases.

3- The backing gets heavier.

What's right for me??  

That depends on your room. A lower traffic area - like a bedroom or living area works well with the 3000 gram or 4000 gram weights. Don't forget the fluffy factor.. The 4000 gram is the most plush. The 3000 gram is thick too - just not as thick as the 4000 gram.

The 2000 gram weight is an all round very good flokati with a great price point.. We would recommend this weight for : Guest rooms- family rooms- kids rooms and dorms. It offers a nice 2.5 inch pile. 

Look at the chart too--